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Can I Name My Dog Israel? - Hardcover

Can I Name My Dog Israel? - Hardcover

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What do dreams mean? 

How do I explain death to children? 

Is circumcision barbaric? 

Who created G-d? 

Could I have more than one soulmate?

We all have big life questions. But we don’t always know who to turn to for the answers.

For over twenty years, millions of people around the world have turned to Rabbi Aron Moss to share ancient Jewish wisdom in his trademark contemporary, humorous, uplifting, and accessible way. 

This book offers compelling, inspiring, and thought-provoking angles on life’s curliest issues, delivered in a way that everyone will understand. It’s a perfect blend of Judaism for beginners, a hint of mysticism, and a generous serve of practical advice.

Can I Name My Dog Israel? answers real people’s real questions, covering topics such as love and dating, pain and death, belief and doubt, raising kids, solving dilemmas, and even naming pets. 

The mysteries of life leave us with so many questions. This book will arm you with some powerful answers. 

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